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// Ask A Cannabis Science Specialist

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There is indica and sativa, does that mean 1:1 CBD:THC products are called “hybrids?
Great questions! The terms Indica, Sativa and Hybrid are a classification of cannabis strains, and are used on products to indicate the effect of the product. Indica based products usually have a more relaxed and sedative sensation. Sativa products are more of an uplifting sensation. Hybrid based products are a mixture of the two, not a mixture of THC and CBD.
What is CBN?
CBN stands for Cannabinol. I like to call it “CB-Nite-Nite.” This is a cannabinoids like THC or CBD. It is non-psychoactive (doesn’t get you high), but it does have a sedative quality when mixed with THC. A great option for someone having difficulty sleeping.
What is the difference between “the oil" and a tincture?
These terms are used to describe the same type of products (I know, it can be confusing!). A tincture is a mixture of cannabis infused oil (coconut oil, safflower oil, etc…). Many people often interchange “the oil” with “tincture,” but they are basically the same thing.
What does an edible take so long to kick in?
A cannabis infused edible is released into your blood stream by your liver. A gummy travels through your digestive system, is transported from your small intestines to the liver. This takes time, so don’t take another gummy for at least 2-3 hours if you are new to cannabis.
Hello! I'm not sure what the differences are between indica and sativa, but I'm looking for a product that is least likely to make me paranoid. Can you give me more info on that please? - Halleh
Hi Halleh!

Indica or Sativa are terms we use to describe a cannabis strain. Indica strains are known for a more sleepy and relaxed effect. Sometimes you will hear us say Indica puts you in-DA-couch! Sativa effects are more of a cerebral or “head high” and generally, do not have a heavy sleepy effect. But both can still make you paranoid. Paranoia comes from THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. If you are sensitive to THC and feel a little jittery no matter what you smoke, try lowering the THC concentration of your selected product first, before you look into strains. Try selecting a hybrid (a strain that is crossed between an indica and sativa plant) and look for a THC concentration in the low teens (~13-15%). You can always smoke more, you can’t smoke less!

What’s the difference between THC and CBD? - Peter
Hello Peter,
THC stands for TetraHydroCannabinol, the psychoactive component of cannabis… the stuff that makes you “high.” It can be used for recreation/fun or medicine/pain. CBD stands for CannaBiDiol, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD does not makes you “high.” The popular medicinal use of CBD is for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Both THC and CBD have many useful properties outside of pain and inflammation, but when you combine THC+CBD many consumers get pain relief for various medical ailments that include arthritis, muscle spasms, chemotherapy treatments, anxiety and more!
What are the various type of cartridges? - Paul
Great question Paul!

When you are looking into a cannabis vape system, the options can be overwhelming! It’s almost as confusing as picking a new cell phone. There are lower end models, various upgrades and features that allow you to tailor your vaping experience down to a minute level of detail. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s break down the most popular options…

A vape cartridge is a pre-filled cannabis oil container that connects to a battery or heating element. You connect the cartridge to a reusable and rechargeable battery that heats up the oil into a vapor as you inhale, just like traditional smoking. Vamping is an easy to use, portable inhalation method of cannabis consumption. You can purchase a cart filled with THC, CBD or any combination in between. The most common hardware is a 510-threaded cart. The 510 thread cartridge is a standard option that screws into a 510 battery. The cart+battery is about the size of a traditional ink pen. Most of the vape carts will fit into this category. There is another sub-category to the 510-tread hardware option, the disposable vaporizer. A disposable vape is pre-loaded, pre-charged battery that is designed to be used until the oil is gone. A disposable vape is a great option to start if you want to try vaping but don’t want the financial commitment of investing into a whole battery system. If you enjoy your disposable vape, you can purchase a 510-threaded battery and open up a library of vaping carts from multiple brands and joy the variety!

What would you recommend for joint pain? - Alan
Greeting Alan!
Did you know there is a topical form of cannabis? It’s a really popular product in our industry (and my personal favorite!). You should try a cannabis topical, but it is important to select a topical that is a combination of CBD and THC. CBD for the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis and THC for the analgesic (pain relieving) properties.
What does indica mean? - Liz
Hello Liz,
The term indica is a shortened term for Cannabis indica, a scientific name for marijuana. In our current recreational cannabis industry, manufactures use this term to describe the effect of your cannabis strain. Indica strain of cannabis are known for their “body high” and they lean towards a sleepy and relaxed sensation when consumed.
Which strains cause the worst side effects? - Joe
I love this question Joe!
Unfortunately this is a hard one to answer. There isn’t one specific strain that I can say is the “worst” in a general classification. For example, personally, I hate the cannabis strain “Green Crack.” It makes me paranoid, jittery and just plain weird. But, I have friends who LOVE “Green Crack,” so this is a personal preference. The best thing to do is keep a cannabis journal, write down the strains you try and how they make you feel. Then you will start to see patterns in your preferred products.
Why do you sell CBD dog treats? - Xan
Hi Xan,
Did you know that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system? That means our four-legged best friend have an endocannabinoid system too! CBD pet treats and tinctures are a great option if your fur baby has some anxiety. Or you have an older animal suffering from arthritis. You can give them CBD dog treats or put a few drops of CBD tincture on their food during mealtimes.

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