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Torrey Holistics gift box


Elevate your gift giving. From fun to sophisticated,  these gifts are sure to please the cannabis lover or foodie in your life. Also makes the perfect hostess gift or (well-marked!) holiday table addition. See these, and our entire edible collection, in our MENU…

Mindset Organics PB Love

Mindset Organics Colitas

Mini peanut butter truffles made with velvety smooth dark Belgian chocolate. Each colita is infused with pure distilled Cannabis Sativa oil.

Canndescent 1/8th and preroll

Heavy Hitters Gummies

Ultra-potent premium concentrates create the purest, best tasting, hardest hitting gummy on the market.

Canndescent 1/8th and preroll

Kiva Confections Chocolate Bars

A sophisticated gift for the cannabis-infused chocolate lover in your life.

Cann Cranberry Sage - limited edition

CANN Social Tonics

These social tonics are microdosed with CBD and THC, giving you a light and uplifted buzz without the hangover.

Original Pot Co.

Rose Delights

Turkish Delight-style edibles in seasonal flavors, infused with single strain rosin and fresh fruit.  

Original Pot Co. Gingersnap cookies - limited edition

Original Pot Co. Cookies

Indulge in pure holiday goodness with these freshly baked, perfectly dosed Gingersnap cookies from Original Pot Co.

Lost Farm gummies

Level Hybrid ProTab

A classic high: amplifies your mind and body. A Torrey Holistics customer favorite.

Lost Farm gummies

Good News Gummies

VEGAS Sparkling White Grape Gummies elevate any day from bland to grand.

Camino Holiday Punch Gummies - limited edition

Camino Gummies

Get all the feels of Christmas morning with Camino limited edition Holiday Punch gummies.

Topicals & Balms

All of the healing, none of the high. These products range from the restorative to the sublime. See these, and our entire topical and balm collection, in our MENU…
High Gorgeous Coconut Vibes Body Lotion

High Gorgeous Coconut Vibes Body Lotion

Infused with equal parts THC, THCA, and CBD + a moisturizing botanical formula, Coconut Vibes is no match for sore muscles.

Dr. Raw Topical Twist-Up Balm

Dr. Raw Organics Topical Twist-Up Balm

A simple approach to a topical marijuana balm provides soothing and calming relief to local areas on the body.

Made From Dirt Sleep Balm

Made From Dirt Sleep Balm

This Sleep Balm is made with 50 mg of CBD and 50mg THC as well as chamomile, cedarwood, and lavender to deliver profoundly calming effects.

Body Rehab High THC Body Lotion

Body Rehab High THC Body Lotion

This CBD and THC-rich cream provides targeted topical relief, penetrating deeper to activate your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Flower & Pre-Rolls

Perfect gift ideas for the cannabis connosieur. See these, and our entire flower and pre roll collection, in our MENU…
Her Highness ashtray and Pleasure Oil

Claybourne Private Stock

100% indoor grown, premium selections for the cannabis consumer with refined taste.

Canndescent limit-edition Cheer Effect

Canndescent Cheer

Holiday limited edition sativa-leaning hybrid for lively gatherings. 

Original Pot Co.

Torrey Herb Co.

High-quality herb at an affordable price.

Her Highness ashtray and Pleasure Oil

Drew Martin Pre-Roll Pack

One beautiful box, four distinct aromatic personalities.

Lost Farm gummies

Good News Pre-Roll Packs

Kick up holiday gatherings a notch with these Sativa strain pre roll packs.

Original Pot Co.

Her Highness Power Puffs

A pack of four .7g kief infused pre rolls, and a lighter from the premier purveyors of female-forward cannabis couture.


Disposables, Cartridges, PAX Pods. We have it all for the cartridge cannabis consumer. See these, and our entire cartridge collection, in our MENU…
Her Highness ashtray and Pleasure Oil

Buddies All in One Disposable

300mg All-in-One Vaporizer includes non-removable battery and cartridge.

Lost Farm gummies

Heavy Hitters High Potency Cartridge

The original SoCal vape that gives smokers the best-tasting and most enjoyable high. 

Original Pot Co.

Jetty Extracts Pax Era Pod

Unrefined, 100% live resin, minimally-processed and single source for a heady, relaxing high. 


Sublingual tinctures in a variety of strains and CBD:THC ratios to use as needed or for daily wellness. See these, and our entire collection of tinctures, in our MENU…

Her Highness ashtray and Pleasure Oil

Chemistry Full-Spectrum MOODS Tinctures

Mood maintenance in a variety of CBD:THC ratios.

Lost Farm gummies

Dr. Raw Organics Tinctures

Versatile tinctures for sublingual application, topical application or cooking.

Care By Design tinctures in 40:1 and 2:1 CBD:THC ratios

Care By Design High-CBD Tinctures

With ratios ranging from 1:1 to 40:1 parts CBD:THC, consumers can find the right product to suit their personal preferences.

Original Pot Co.

Yummi Karma Cannabis Drops

A sublingual tincture for whatever ails you.

A Little Something Extra

Still unsure what to get for the cannabis aficionado in your life? Here are a few additional ideas! See these, and our entire MENU, here…
Buddies Live Resin dab concentrate box

Buddies Live Resin Extract

Fresh frozen cannabis enables Buddies Brand™ to lock in the raw expression of the cultivar and maximize the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the plant.

Lost Farm gummies

Cannabis Clones

The perfect gift for the cannabis lover with a green thumb.

Original Pot Co.

Torrey Holistics Gear

Tees, hats, and other gear for the Torrey Holistics fan.