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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Delivery

For the highest quality weed delivery in the LA Jolla area, residents are turning to Torrey Holistics Dispensary. We were the first dispensary and weed delivery service for recreational cannabis to be licensed in the great state of California. You know that when you purchase a product from Torrey Holistics Dispensary that our products have been lab-tested and comply with all state regulations. We opened in 2015 to serve the medical community. Since then, we have been dedicated to maintaining the top status in the industry by developing a friendly and professional staff, and of course the best cannabis products. Whether in our store or an online shopper, we want our clients to feel safe and comfortable to learn about the benefits of cannabis.

Best La Jolla Dispensary & Weed Delivery

Torrey Holistics Dispensary carries the largest selection of the highest quality cannabis products, approved by the state of California, and we deliver it directly to you. Additionally, we offer cannabis classes where you learn to discern the specific qualities of the strains you prefer. This is a fun experience, but more importantly it gives you the insight needed to make educated choices. Are your preferred strains heavier in CBD or THC? Cannabis 101 classes are designed for this very purpose. Torrey Holistics also offers private consultations with a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Have all your questions answered, including the ones you don’t even know you have. We try to provide a convenient and enjoyable experience for our customers in all aspects of the cannabis industry and weed delivery services. Please note: All in-person educational services are currently on hold due to COVID and will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

La Jolla Dispensary

Products we carry include a wide range of the highest quality flower available. We carry some of the most popular and most sought after strains with extremely high levels of THC. Our organic flower is highly sought after, and well known in the La Jolla area to be the best around.

Cannabis Dispensary in La Jolla

Another great quality product you can enjoy come in the form of our concentrates. This list includes Sour Kosher Shatter, Chocolate Diesel live resin, Blueberry Dry Sift Rosin, Hugh THC Full spectrum Oil, and Lionheart dablicator. You’ll also want to check out our wide range of vaporizers. Maui wowie and Grand Daddy Purp are just a couple of examples of premium cartridges we carry.

La Jolla Online Dispensary

Pods are another great option for you. Alien OG Pax and the famous Pineapple Express are in stock and ready to deliver. Weed Delivery in La Jolla is as easy as placing your order online and sitting back. We have fast delivery, easy ordering, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the highest quality cannabis around the LA Jolla area. Let Torrey Holistics dispensary and weed delivery be your one stop shop for all things cannabis related.

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