// Mary jay parties

MJP’s are like a new age “TUPPERWARE PARTY” with top-shelf products and expert education! All guests receive a PERSONALIZED TORREY HOLISTICS GOODIE BAG & an eye opening intro into the new normal!

Here’s what you can expect with MJP’s New Normal:

  • A professional cannabis consultant presenting a comprehensive cannabis education.
  • Facts and research about the benefits of cannabis for wellness, recreation & good vibration.
  • Information on how to customize this experience specifically for you & your group.
  • Product knowledge on our delicious edibles, CBD products, pre-rolls,flowers, and more!
  • A chance to get all your questions about cannabis answered.

Our only requirements are the following:

  • Hostess guest list is 8 or more participants.
  • All guests must be 21+
  • You provide the venue (or have one at Torrey, inquire for details).