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Let me introduce you to one of our knowledgeable and passionate Cannabis Consultants, Lauren. Every Monday we will be posting her cannabis musings. Ask her questions, interact with her as she loves to connect with the people she loves helping the most, our patients!

What is the shape of the earth? Depends who you ask and when in time.

What is the best digestive aid according to doctors? Ranges from cigarettes to tequila to probiotics depending on the doctor and year.

Is cannabis is a terrible illegal drug? Again, depends on who you ask and when.

Bottom line? Knowledge changes as we learn more and no one really knows what they are doing. Call to action: always THINK!!

My purpose for writing is to trigger thoughts in others in order to expedite the evolution of knowledge, the more people I can make think, the better solutions we can come up with to better the world. I want to catalyze the formation of knowledge by inspiring thinking, so I write. I want to gently guide people outside of their boxes of normal thought. I want to make you have an “aha” moment or an “wooooow!” moment when your perspective is opened by a one liner I wrote. 

Why the “code name”? Life is damn good, or, LDG. That’s my writing “code name” because if there is one thing I want you to remember when addressing me/thinking about me/ reading about me, is that very fact : life is damn good. 

I love to receive inspiration from others, so please reach out with topics! Let’s get together to understand the world more while spreading those good vibes! 


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