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Curbside pickup or delivery

Dispensary & Weed Delivery

Torrey Holistics Marijuana Dispensary is the ideal brand for weed delivery service in Encinitas, California. We offer weed delivery which you can purchase with our state of the art online ordering process. Locals in the Encinitas area use us as their primary dispensary because of our reputation of delivering the highest grades of weed and cannabis to their address of choice. Online ordering is simple and easy because we created for ease of use. When you pay in advance for an order you placed online, you will get a link texted to you for you to verify. Also, when ordering online, be sure to include and apply any discounts before finalizing the order because there are no exchanges or refunds once and order has been paid. We deliver up to 20 miles from our location so our range is extensive. You may need to place a minimum order. We are open in the store until 9m and deliver until 9pm. Last call for all deliveries is 8pm. Curbside pickup also runs until 9pm so even if you miss last call, we still have you covered. We accept cash, debit, and offer prepay options for your convenience with our delivery and curbside pickup services.


Best Dispensary & Weed Delivery

Delivery of cannabis, weed, and marijuana products in the Encinitas, California area is as easy as it could be. The convenience of having cannabis products delivered directly is an ideal situation since you do not have to get out in public or on the road. You can begin your order on our website today. Our fast and friendly delivery drivers will get your products to you asap. On our menu you will see that there is an enormous selection to choose from and there is a video that will walk you through the process of how to use the menu system to have weed delivered directly to your home. Given today’s situations, safety and security are primary concerns. We will bring it to you so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home. If you are already out and about and want to swing by the store, we also offer cannabis delivery services. Our hours for curbside pickup and store hours run until 9pm, so you have an extra hour after delivery closes to pick up your cannabis.

Dispensary Products

Products in our Encinitas, California area serviced by Torrey Holistics Dispensary include a full spectrum of weed and cannabis, plus a plentiful selection of vaporizers. You decide if you prefer flower, clones, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, or topicals. Then pick up a vaporizer, a couple of accessories, and some apparel and you’ll be all set.

Cannabis Dispensary

Encinitas, CA residents visit and order from Torrey Holistics Dispensary for all of their cannabis needs. With our huge menu selection, vaporizers and vape pens, delivery options, curbside pickup, and friendly staff, we’re the clear choice.

Online Dispensary Delivery

Online ordering is fast with our simple to use menu. We include a video that goes step by step through the process. It is intuitive so navigating it will be a breeze. With the spectrum of cannabinoids our menu contains, you will be able to choose from the premium the most cannabinoids available.