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Sun+Earth Certified mission statement and pillars

Why Sun+Earth Certified?

Cannabis has been grown naturally, under the sun, for millennia. But in the last decade, alongside the benefits of legalization, the cannabis industry has become increasingly commodified and dominated by large-scale industrial agriculture, with energy-intensive indoor grows and heavy reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Meanwhile, it is increasingly more difficult for small-scale, artisanal family farmers to find a marketplace for their products, and for consumers to know how their cannabis was grown.

Sun+Earth Certified is dedicated to shifting the cannabis cultivation industry toward a cleaner, healthier, and more ethical future. A first-of-its-kind nonprofit certification for regenerative organic cannabis, the Sun+Earth seal is based on a rigorous set of standards for cannabis grown in the soil of mother earth, under the sun, by fairly paid farmers and farm workers.


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Make A Contribution

By supporting this campaign, you are helping Sun+Earth diversify and expand its network of regenerative organic farms. Funds will be used to subsidize the direct costs of the certification process, as well as provide technical assistance and mentorship to farms that are implementing these rigorous cultivation practices.

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