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Vape Cartridges

Torrey Holistics Dispensary is your one stop shop for everything vape. Cartridges are no exception. A vape cartridge, or vape cart, is made of glass and comes prefilled with specific measured amounts of cannabis oil. They usually only contain a gram or a half gram, but the concentration of cannabinoids inside is clearly stated on the product packaging. The oils themselves have a combination of terpenes and cannabinoids extracted directly from the cannabis buds. Usually, they are high in THC, but more recently a movement has been made toward higher concentrations of CBD in addition to one-to-one mixtures.
San Diego has a lot of cartridges from which to choose. Vape pens are just cool paperweights without a cartridge filled with juice hooked up to it. Once connected, the two work in conjunction with one another. The battery provides power to the atomizer held in he cartridge. This in turn causes the oil to heat up which causes the chemicals inside it to be released. When you inhale the vapor, you get the same chemicals that would have been in the buds of the plant, thus producing the same effects on the individual. One huge advantage is that you don’t have the smell, resin, or mess to clean up afterward. Cartridges are disposable, so when you’re done with it, you can dispose of it. Cartridges allow you to more consistently monitor your usage. With a plant, you don’t know the concentration unless you read it somewhere else. It isn’t clearly marked on the package what it is you’re getting and how good it actually is. Plus, cartridges aren’t seasonal. Some growers rotate crops and wind up with seasonal favorites, like beer companies with winter ales. Well, if you find a strain that has the perfect combination of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, when will you be able to get it again? What are strains are similar? With a cartridge, you will know exactly what you’re getting and be able to go back and get it anytime. If you prefer Sour Diesel to Grease Monkey, you no longer need to scoop it all up you can or wait until it comes back around to you.
With vape cartridges, you have several options. The ease of use allows you to take a draw of any size and stop. If you light a bowl or a joint, you will have residual smoke trailing off of it. Oil vape carts are the easiest and most discrete form of ingestion. And again, it’s measurable and consistent.
Vape cartridges can seem expensive but remember a gram of vape chemicals doesn’t have the heavy flower sitting on the scale with it. The physical effects tend to be shorter lived, but it may be that people aren’t overconsuming because they are able to measure their intake more easily. I will say though, that first time users can get carried away because they don’t feel the hit on the back of their throat, leading them to believe that they aren’t getting anything, or nothing is happening. Vape Pens mostly function the same way. There is a button that activates the battery and causes the chemicals to be vaporized. The longer you hold the button, the more chemical is being released. The employees at the store will be more than happy to help get you started vaping today.

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