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At this very moment, the global COVID-19 pandemic is changing and uprooting the lives of individuals around the world. Our foundations, values, and beliefs are challenged in ways we may never have imagined before. In times like these, it is easy to succumb to the overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty spreading through our communities like a pandemic itself. That is why it is more important than ever to ground ourselves in the comfort of our immediate surroundings, focusing on the things we can do to build resilience in the face of crisis. Since its founding in 2014, Torrey Holistics has and will continue to be an involved member of the San Diego community, providing support and stability for both customers and vital services alike.

As an essential industry recognized by the state of California, cannabis dispensaries are able to continue providing consumers with products that many have come to rely on for managing the symptoms of anxiety, cancer, epilepsy, insomnia, and more.1,2 Torrey Holistics will remain open for delivery and curbside pickup to help meet these needs, however access to the store will be limited in compliance with communications from federal, state, and local governments. We highly recommend making use of our free delivery and curbside pickup services if possible, as a precaution to yourself as well as other customers and employees. Simply place your order online at (scroll down for instructions). Our delivery service is available during normal business hours and our curbside pickup service is open 8AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday and 10AM to 9PM on Sundays.

Within our operations, Torrey Holistics has implemented a number of safety protocols to ensure the health and wellbeing of customers and staff. All employees of Torrey Holistics have been trained to practice social distancing and proper sanitation procedures, including our delivery drivers. If you decide to place an order for curbside pickup, please drive up to the designated curbside pickup area and do not exit your car; a cannabis consultant will bring your order to you. Finally, for a little extra care, each customer will receive a free hand sanitizer with their purchase. We have donated over 10,000 hand sanitizers to customers and staff for added protection of our community.

San Diego is a wonderful city to live and work in thanks to the many charitable organizations selflessly offering vital services to those in need. In order to show our appreciation, for the entire month of April Torrey Holistics will be donating a portion of sales to nonprofit organizations assisting seniors, including Saint Paul’s Senior Services and the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center Senior Adult Department. In addition, we have donated a total of 5,000 N95 masks to the VA Hospital La Jolla, Scripps Hospital, the American Red Cross, UCSD Hospital, Remedy RX, Family Health Centers of San Diego, and Saint Paul’s Senior Services. We are humbled to give back to those standing bravely at the front lines of the response to this unprecedented situation.

Torrey Holistics has donated over 7,000 N95 masks to hospitals, organizations, and community members in need.

Finally, we highly encourage you to read the CDC’s recommended guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Do not discount the importance of practicing safe cannabis consumption; avoid sharing bongs, pipes, vapes, drinks, or anything else that might increase your risk of contracting or transmitting illnesses. Products such as disposable vapes, mini preroll packs, and individually-wrapped edibles are a couple of great options for abiding by these recommendations.

Torrey Holistics would not be what it is today without the support of our San Diego community. As we navigate through this unprecedented situation together, we become increasingly resilient. Be kind to yourself through this unfamiliar process; remember to wash your hands, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water. You may even find that cannabis can help you manage your symptoms of stress.3 Whatever it is that helps you, Torrey Holistics will be with you every step of the way.


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