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By Linda Morachis

When did we as a collective, willingly agree to reserve October’s special holiday as a ‘kids only’ event?

After the last couple of years we’ve all endured, adults too need reason for a celebratory and festive weekend. Or in this case a full week at Torrey Holistics- with our Screamin’ Deals going on from October 24th till October 31st. Drop in the shop for your spooky vibe products. Or with a flick of your finger to your phone screen, we can have them discreetly delivered to your door.

No tricks and all very much treats.

So let’s get into a few of the must have cannabis products this October, shall we:

1. Kiva Blood Orange Camino Gummies

Kiva Blood Orange Camino GummiesHalloween just got a little more thrilling this year with the release of Kiva Co.’s new Blood Orange Camino gummies, available throughout the month of October. Like all Camino gummies, their Blood Orange flavor is made using a custom combination of terpenes to create a tailored edible experience unlike any other. Blood Orange Camino gummies contain an exhilarating blend of sativa terpenes to awaken your inner thrill-seeker. These gummies pair perfectly with a frightful night, full of goosebumps and heart-pounding excitement. The trickiest part of this treat? Starting with just one.


2. Lowell Herb Co. The Haunted Hybrid 6-Pack

Lowell Herb Co. The Haunted Hybrid 6-Pack Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for a good spook, Lowell Herb Co. has got just the thing: The Limited Edition Haunted Hybrid Pack. This special blend contains a specially formulated combination of Great American Cannabis created exclusively for enjoying that crisp fall air during an eerie October evening.

3.5g whole flower, 7 matches and a strike pad added for your convenience. Lowell Farms is vertically-integrated and has control over every step along the way.


3. Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar

Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar It’s Halloweed tradition to have a chocolate (or four). The High Times Cannabis Cup winner, Kiva, is supplying the festivities with a blend of fresh blackberries and toasty cannabis. The fruit and plant then come together in the dark chocolate to create a unique flavor that lingers on your palate. Let the tart berry aroma mingle with the 54% cacao and savor this superb culinary combination.


Spooky SZN is upon us! So allow your inner-child to savor the array of this season’s treats. Happy Halloweed-ing!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing said, done, typed, printed or reproduced by Torrey Holistics is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or take the place of a licensed physician.


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