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Guest post by Kirstie and Donna of Higher Edibles

Brought to you as part of Torrey Holistics’s month-long educational series on cannabis and women’s wellness.

Higher Edibles is a Santa Cruz-based women and family-owned company living the dream! Okay…we’re still a startup, so living the dream for us is mostly about our commitment to managing our beliefs and perspectives while having fun making infused, gluten-free edibles. We embody enjoying the journey of life, including by being the best people, business owners, and community members that we can muster.

The concept of Higher began 20 years ago when Donna (our co-founder) started making her own edibles in the Prop 215 days. Donna’s body has served in the Army, successfully battled cancer, and currently suffers from an ongoing knee issue that has progressed into multiple surgeries. Through these stages, she found that her body felt the least amount of pain and inflammation when she ate clean and stayed away from heavily processed sugars and grains. Due to the lack of unprocessed, gluten-free edibles in the market, Donna began creating her own edibles that she could enjoy with her family (as seen on the back of the box of every cute little family-owned brand at Whole Foods…we know, we know).

At Higher, our goal is to provide consumers with delicious products that are created to elevate your mind as well as your tastebuds. The women at Higher believe wellness and high vibrations start from within, and are dedicated to expanding that outward to reach our industry and community. To us, High Vibration means being conscious of your thoughts, because everything you say or feel creates your reality. The foods you eat directly affect how you feel, and we believe the pairing of clean ingredients and cannabis can help us all vibrate Higher.

What else can one do to vibrate Higher? We believe empowerment begins by acknowledging, owning, and loving our entire selves—our beautiful tender hearts. (I know you’re thinking, “this is some hippie s%it right here!” And you’re not wrong—we are a bunch of hippies!) Our approach to self-empowerment is through self-awareness, willingness and practice, taking baby steps along the way.

One example is that we, as a company, practice the model of “following your highest excitement” (YouTube search: Bashar) which is simply the belief that following the path that excites you the most is an innate blueprint within each of us for living our happiest lives. Simple, yes…but making decisions based on what makes us happy takes some practice due to societal norms, especially for women. The idea of following what’s true to our own hearts frankly freaks the f#ck out of many women because it takes courage to say yes to what excites us, especially when it means saying no to situations and people—and not feeling guilty about it!

When you’re in a great mood and things just seem to keep going your way, we call that being in the flow. We believe that if you are making choices based on what options bring you the most joy or excite you the most, your life will naturally enter a flow state and it will bring you more and more of what you want beyond your wildest dreams.

We also believe that spending time outside, going for a walk to get that heartrate up, and feeding your body nutrients all contribute to our ability to enter that flow state. Overly-processed foods can drain our energy because they make our bodies work extra hard to digest. This is one of the main reasons you will never see high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, or bleached flour as the main ingredients in any of our products.

Salted and Chile Limon Canna-Corn Kernels

Higher Salted and Chile Limon Canna-Corn Kernels

One of the reasons we chose to launch our Canna-Corn Nuts line was because of the excitement and nostalgia our first sample batch brought us. Eating a bag of Canna-Corn Nuts takes us right back to the days of using our hard-earned McJob money on those salty, crunchy goodies while hanging with friends until the street lights told us it was time to jet home for dinner. We are beyond thrilled to share our Salted and Chile Limon Canna-Corn Nut line with you at Torrey Holistics, and to launch our dairy-free Ranch, BBQ, and Cheddar flavors in the upcoming month!

We love women, we love people, we love weed, AND we love ourselves; having the opportunity to play in an arena where all of these delicious ingredients are present is a gift beyond description. Thanks so much for listening to our hippie dippie sh%t!

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