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Blue Dream Strain Review: Effects & Benefits

Claybourne Flyers Blue Dream Frosted Flyers 5-Pack Infused Pre-Rolls.Welcome to the Blue Dream strain guide! Since its creation in 2003 in the California medical marijuana community, Blue Dream has risen to be a top choice nationwide, ranking among the 15 best weed strains. Providing users with a balanced high, cerebral stimulation, and full-body relaxation, Blue Dream plants produce a highly potent and versatile strain perfect for both veteran cannabis consumers and novice enthusiasts interested in exploring the benefits of cannabis consumption. While most people have heard of this strain due to its wide-spread acclaim and prevalence in popular culture, many are not aware of what makes Blue Dream such a special variety of bud. At Torrey Holistics, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the knowledge necessary for finding the strains and products that work best for their unique needs and desires. If you’re looking for Blue Dream strain info, you’ve come to the place. Read on to learn more about why Blue Dream has become synonymous with high quality marijuana.

What is Blue Dream?

You may be wondering, is Blue Dream indica or sativa? Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid renowned for its balanced effects. Stemming from a prestigious lineage of Blueberry (indica) and Haze (sativa), this strain quickly became a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts over the past few decades. Originating from West Coast grow-ops in California, it’s celebrated for offering an uplifting yet soothing experience, embodying the best of both its parents. Its terpene profile, rich in myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, complements a typical THC to CBD ratio that leans heavily towards THC. This  contributes to its potent euphoric and mood-enhancing effects, while providing minimal CBD content. This unique combination of terpenes and cannabinoids makes Blue Dream a go-to strain for those seeking a blend of cerebral stimulation and gentle physical relaxation.

Blue Dream Strain Effects

Effects and Benefits

What is Blue Dream strain good for? Blue Dream is most commonly celebrated for its euphoric effects, providing users with an uplifting and mood-enhancing experience that provides mental clarity and stimulates relaxation. Its balanced nature delivers a cerebral stimulation that boosts creativity and focus, making it ideal for daytime use. Medically, it’s highly regarded for its potential in managing stress, depression, and anxiety due to its uplifting effects. Additionally, its pain-relieving properties are sought after for relieving chronic discomfort, muscle spasms, and headaches, showcasing its versatility as both a recreational and therapeutic strain.

Possible Side Effects

While Blue Dream is well-liked for its positive effects, it can also lead to common side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes, which can be mitigated by staying hydrated and using eye drops as needed. Additionally, some users might experience paranoia or anxiety, particularly those new to cannabis or with a sensitivity to THC. To minimize these effects, it’s recommended to start with a low dose and gradually adjust based on your response. Being mindful of these potential side effects and how to address them can enhance your overall experience with Blue Dream. 

Blue Dream Strain Profile

Flavors and Aromas

What does Blue Dream taste like? Blue Dream is renowned for its rich sensory experience, marked by a delightful fusion of flavors and aromas that appeal to a wide range of palates. The strain prominently features:

Fruity and Berry Notes: Its flavor profile is dominated by sweet and berry-like flavors, reminiscent of its Blueberry parent, offering users a tantalizing and enjoyable tasting experience.

Herbal and Floral Hints: Complementing its fruity dominance are subtle undertones of herbal and floral notes, adding layers of complexity to its aroma and making each hit a nuanced exploration of taste.

This combination of sweet berries with herbal and floral hints creates a uniquely satisfying and multi-dimensional sensory experience, contributing to Blue Dream’s widespread appeal.

Medical Uses

Given that this strain was first created in the California medical marijuana community, Blue Dream has carved out a significant niche in medical cannabis due to its versatile therapeutic effects. It’s particularly valued by medical cannabis patients for:

Pain Management: This strain is highly effective in alleviating various types of pain, including chronic pain, headaches, and muscle spasms. This is mostly attributed to its balanced THC content which targets pain receptors and provides swift and effective relief.

Stress and Anxiety Relief: Blue Dream’s uplifting and mood-enhancing effects make it a powerful tool for reducing stress and managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Users frequently report this strain as improving their mental health and helping with maintaining a more positive outlook throughout their daily lives. 

By leveraging its balanced hybrid nature, Blue Dream provides a multifaceted approach to symptom management, making it a preferred choice for patients seeking relief with fewer side effects.

Cultivation and Grow Tips

Claybourne Co. Blue Dream Private Stock Flower. 100% Indoor Grown.Growing Blue Dream can be a rewarding experience due to its relatively straightforward cultivation requirements. Generally, seeds found in flower purchased from dispensaries are more difficult to bring to fruition. That being said, there are providers like North Atlantic Seed Company that will ship Blue Dream seeds when in stock. If growing your own weed is of interest, here are some key points to consider:

Suitable Growing Environments: Blue Dream thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, though indoor cultivation allows for more controlled conditions, potentially leading to higher yields and potency. Outdoors, it prefers a mild to warm climate, mimicking its Californian origins.

Harvesting and Curing Techniques: To achieve optimal potency and flavor, it’s important to monitor trichome development closely and harvest when they’ve reached peak maturity. Proper curing, involving drying the buds slowly in a controlled environment and then storing them in airtight containers, enhances its aromatic profile and overall quality.

By adhering to these guidelines, cultivators can maximize their success with Blue Dream, enjoying the full expression of its genetic potential from the comfort of their own gardens.

User Reviews

Present real user experiences to offer a well-rounded perspective. Torrey Holistics to provide if available*

  • Positive User Experiences: Highlight common praises for its effects and flavor.
  • Challenges Faced by Some Users: Discuss any reported issues or difficulties.

Terpenes in Blue Dream

Blue Dream’s unique effects and aroma can be attributed to its rich terpene profile, which plays a crucial role in enhancing its therapeutic properties and stimulating, sensory experience. Blue Dream strain terpenes include myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. The interaction between these terpenes is a prime example of the entourage effect, where the compounds in cannabis work together synergistically to enhance the overall effects of the strain. This synergy amplifies therapeutic benefits, such as pain relief and anxiety reduction, making the strain more effective for a wide range of symptoms compared to the isolated effects of THC or CBD alone. The entourage effect underscores the importance of whole-plant cannabis extracts in providing comprehensive relief and a richer sensory experience.


Myrcene plays a significant role in defining both the effects and aroma of Blue Dream, enhancing its appeal as a hybrid strain.

Effects on Strain: Myrcene is pivotal in contributing to Blue Dream’s relaxing and sedative effects, making it an excellent choice for users seeking relief from stress and insomnia. Its presence helps balance the sativa-driven euphoria with a soothing indica-like calm, providing a well-rounded experience.

Aromatic Influence: Myrcene adds depth to Blue Dream’s aroma profile with its earthy and musky notes. This terpene enriches the strain’s berry scent with a grounding, herbal undercurrent.


Pinene stands out as a crucial terpene in Blue Dream, significantly influencing both its therapeutic properties and aroma.

Effects on Strain: Pinene is noted for its potential to enhance alertness and memory retention, which can counteract some of the psychoactive effects of THC, such as short-term memory issues. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties contribute to the strain’s ability to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Aromatic Influence: This terpene infuses Blue Dream with a refreshing pine-like aroma. This crisp, clean scent adds a vibrant layer to the strain’s complex fragrance profile, making it more appealing and invigorating.


Caryophyllene has a notable impact on Blue Dream’s profile, contributing to both its effects and flavor.

Effects on Strain: Caryophyllene is believed to offer stress relief and mood enhancement due to its ability to bind to CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a key role in managing pain and inflammation. This interaction can lead to significant pain reduction and a more relaxed state of mind.

Aromatic Influence: In terms of aroma, caryophyllene imparts spicy and pepper-like undertones to Blue Dream, enriching its sweet berry aroma with a warm and complex spice that adds depth and intrigue to the strain’s overall sensory profile.


Limonene plays an essential role in the terpene profile of Blue Dream, adding significantly to its therapeutic and aromatic qualities.

Effects on Strain: Limonene is well-regarded for its mood-enhancing properties and its ability to provide stress relief, contributing to the uplifting and euphoric effects experienced by Blue Dream users. This makes it particularly effective for those looking to combat anxiety and depression.

Aromatic Influence: This terpene imparts a bright, citrusy scent to the strain, adding a layer of freshness that complements the berry notes from its Blueberry parent. This citrus aroma makes the strain more appealing and can contribute to the overall therapeutic experience by invigorating the senses.


Humulene is another important terpene in Blue Dream, contributing to both its effects and its aroma, albeit more subtly than the terpenes previously mentioned.

Effects on Strain: Humulene is recognized for its potential anti-inflammatory and appetite-suppressant properties, which can complement the strain’s overall therapeutic profile. This may benefit users seeking to manage inflammation or control appetite as part of their health regimen.

Aromatic Influence: This terpene contributes subtle woody and earthy notes to Blue Dream’s aroma, adding to the complexity of the strain’s scent profile. These notes help to balance the sweeter, fruitier aspects of the strain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Dream

ABSOLUTE EXTRACTS - ABX - Blue Dream.How does Blue Dream compare to other popular strains?

Blue Dream stands out among popular strains for its balanced high, combining the uplifting effects of a sativa with the soothing relaxation of an indica. Blue Dream effects and flavor are commonly compared to Maui-Wowie, Strawberry Cough, and 9 Pound Hammer.  

What strain is Blue Dream?

A lot of people ask, is Blue Dream sativa? Blue Dream is actually a hybrid strain that is sativa dominant. The sativa portion stimulates creativity, while the indica portion is responsible for the relaxation effects.

What is the average THC content of Blue Dream?

The average THC content of Blue Dream typically ranges between 17% and 24%.

Can Blue Dream help with insomnia?

While Blue Dream can help with relaxation, its energizing sativa effects may not make it the best choice for insomnia compared to more sedative indica strains.

Are there any potential risks associated with consuming Blue Dream?

Potential risks associated with consuming Blue Dream include dry mouth, dry eyes, and, in some cases, anxiety or paranoia, especially at higher doses.

Does Blue Dream have any notable terpenes?

Notable terpenes in Blue Dream include myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, contributing to its unique aroma and therapeutic effects.

How long do the effects of Blue Dream typically last?

The effects of Blue Dream can last approximately 2 to 3 hours, varying by individual tolerance and consumption method.

What sets Blue Dream apart from other cannabis strains in terms of effects?

What sets Blue Dream apart is its ability to enhance mood and creativity without the heavy sedation common in other strains, making it ideal for daytime use.

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There’s a reason Blue Dream is so widely-acclaimed and well known. With its balanced, euphoric effects and pain-relieving properties, this potent strain is one of the best available. At Torrey Holistics, we aim to provide our customers with the biggest variety and highest quality of options in cannabis products. Currently, marijuana enthusiasts over the age of 21 can purchase a high quality Blue Dream extract on our website or in our store. We also offer a wide range of different flowers, edibles, waxes, and tinctures, each with a detailed description of their properties and effects. Torrey Holistics is committed to upholding the highest quality and safety standards in the cannabis industry, ensuring that all products are rigorously tested for purity, potency, and consistency. We invite you to visit our product page or store to explore our wide selection of cannabis products, where you can learn more and make a purchase with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best the market has to offer.

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