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choosing the cannabis lifestyleIf you’re reading this you probably already know how the cannabis lifestyle has improved your existence. However, I’m also writing this for those who don’t know and have never experienced the benefits of cannabis.

Those who grasp tightly to their traditional prescription but would never try cannabis. Fear and moral anxiety prevent it. Yet, they are the one’s who need it more than anyone, right? For those, I propose that they take their maiden voyage with a cannabis infused edible.

Celebrating the Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis (marijuana) science has proven that the plant has numerous medicinal applications with many more yet to be discovered. The list of ailments that the cannabis lifestyle has proven to be effective against is extensive. It includes helping autism patients and is being studied as a cure for certain forms of cancer. The science is incredible and it’s important to keep funding research to learn everything there is to know about this magical plant.

Each person’s relationship with cannabis, their cannabis lifestyle, is equally important to consider. Personally, I am a much more creative, kinder, calmer, and less abrasive person when I’m using cannabis. I also sleep like the dead, which is a bonus. I wondered what others had to say and asked a limited sample this question, “What benefit/s are you receiving from your cannabis lifestyle? The results of this informal survey seemed to fall into five different categories:

  • mental relief
  • rest and relaxation
  • pain relief
  • focus
  • physical health

Cannabis and the Human Condition

Jane says her cannabis lifestyle, “reduces anxiety throughout the day and helps with insomnia.” This is a common reaction when people are asked how cannabis is benefiting them. Anxiety and insomnia are at the top of the human condition list. While cannabis is becoming the go to remedy for those who suffer sleepless nights and sweaty palms. Still others report successfully using cannabis to address chronic pain issues and improve overall physical health.

Those who responded that they benefit from their cannabis lifestyle because it helps them relax and inspires creativity make up the lion’s share of recreational users in California. They are now legally entitled to manage their own relaxation and inspiration with a visit to the local dispensary, as long as they are at least 21 years old.

Cannabis Lifestyle Over Big Pharma

The cannabis lifestyle has additional benefits, making it a far better choice than its big pharma competition for many common conditions. The primary advantage to the cannabis lifestyle is that it isn’t going to cause a public addiction epidemic because it is a non-addictive substance.

Secondly, the bi-product of the cannabis lifestyle is a relaxed, creative, pain-free, physically sound individual that can be an effective and productive part of the larger society. Isn’t that what we’re all aiming for in the end?