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Product Spotlights:
Flow Kana Cherry AK Preroll
Marley Natural Hybrid Cartridge
Caliva Toasties

I have a confession to make; I am a nerd. I am proud of my nerdiness, and I have a wonderful group of friends that celebrate nerdiness with me. When I was going through chemotherapy, some friends wanted to help but didn’t know how. They wanted me to go out and have fun like I used to, but I simply didn’t have the energy. To not completely disappear from my social life, we decided to try some of the board games gathering dust in the closet. Game night became a monthly tradition at my house over the past two years. I want to share a little of that tradition with you.

This is ‘Diary of a Game Night: Betrayal at the House on the Hill’.

Premium Weed to Wind Down your Week

Everyone starts arriving and pops open beers. We sit on the balcony and light up a Flow Kana Cherry AK joint. I picked this strain for its mood-lifting and relaxing qualities, a perfect strain and premium weed to wind down your week and chill with your friends. We begin to share funny stories from our week, as the giggly effects of Cherry AK transitioned into a pleasant body high. Our moods are set perfectly to dive into this week’s board game; “Betrayal at the House on the Hill”.

Betrayal begins as a co-op board game. As you and your friends explore and build a three-story haunted mansion, your goal becomes clear; don’t die! As rooms open up, we all work together to increase our player speed and sanity. That’s right, you need to stay sane and random events can cause you to go insane. Are you walking along a creepy hallway and see an apparition?! Do the walls start to bleed?!?! Did James eat the last of the Funyuns?!?!?! (That doesn’t happen in the game…but I am still mad you James!).

Mood Change Calls for a Vape Solution

After every round, we hold our breath and roll to see if “The Haunting” will begin. The mood is tense, so I break out my Marley Natural Hybrid cartridge. We slowly puff-puff-pass to relieve the anxiety. I enjoy vaporizing cartridges during intense gameplay so we don’t interrupt the pace of the story to grind flower, roll a joint and then step outside to smoke. It’s James’ turn… he rolls the dice… the haunting begins.

This is why I love Betrayal. We all start out working together but now, just like the movies, one of our protagonists has become evil. James rolls the dice and draws a card. This combination means the player to his left is now in charge of the haunting… me. James, you will rue the day you ate the last of the Funyuns! It’s also a perfect time for a smoke break, as we all have some reading to do.

Smoke Break

There are over fifty different haunting scenarios for this game. This time we are playing “monster from the deep.” Basically, I turn into a six-tentacled monster. As I control my arms, my goal is to kill all the other players on the board. They, in turn, work together to decapitate the monster (me). We light up a few Caliva Toasties as we read through the new game scenario. The small pre-rolled joints are perfect for sharing and result in a very mellow high, fitting for this endeavor. We all need to keep our wits about us as friends turn to enemies and betrayal ensues.

The Cannabis has Achieved its Goal

The hunt for my frenemies begins. I get six turns to move my arms and attack the trespassers of my mansion. They must work together to slay the monster I have become. The cannabis has achieved its goal. We are all relaxed and giggling as we attempt to make bad puns and get into each other’s head. James takes a chance and tries to cut off my head… he rolls the dice… and it pays off! He sacrifices his token to slay the monster and let the rest of the party to escape. Well played, sir.

The board game was a winner, as were the medical marijuana products we enjoyed from Torrey Holistics. Check out their full menu of the best weed products and let us know your game night favorites.