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Anatomy of a Cannabis Vape Pen

Studies have shown that vaping cannabis is more efficient than smoking it and may be less harmful too since the user isn’t exposed to the harmful byproducts of combustion. Understanding temperature and becoming knowledgeable about vape hardware is essential to successful vaping because it can dramatically affect the cannabis experience. Experts suggest that the most cannabinoids are absorbed at a temperature of 392℉ or higher but the flavor will be lost. Lower temperatures of 365℉ will retain all of the flavor and result in a mild body experience.

The standard vape pen consists of a battery, charging device, and a cannabis oil filled cartridge. There are different brands with unique shapes, sizes, and features but the main objective of each is to generate enough heat to vaporize cannabis. The cannabis vape pen may or may not have a button to press for operation and some simply require the user to put the end up to their mouth and inhale. The button variety can be locked and unlocked by clicking the button 5 times quickly to avoid unintended activation while being stored in your pocket or bag. Consider trying an adjustable voltage vape battery. They have adjustable heat settings allowing you to control your experience based on your needs at the time.

The Cartridge and the Cost

A vape cartridge will typically yield 150 puffs from a half gram cartridge and 300 puffs from a full gram cartridge. Disposable cannabis vape pens are available preloaded and an infinite variety of cartridge brands. strains and flavors are available online or at your local dispensary. If you’ve gone the cartridge route, your vape is ready for action once the cannabis oil cartridge is screwed onto the top of your charged battery. Press the button, if there is one, put it up to your mouth and inhale. The effects of ingesting cannabis this way are typically immediate and can last for an hour or more, so plan accordingly. Be aware of the laws regarding vaping in your state and region. In California vaping in or around a school or while driving or a passenger of a vehicle will earn you a significant fine.

In addition to the cannabis oil cartridges that retail at $35 to $80 depending on the size and strain, the cannabis vape pen hardware is surprisingly affordable. Just Google “spinners” and a variety of reasonably priced battery rigs are listed or ask a cannabis professional at your local dispensary to provide a recommendation. Also, tap into more vape knowledge by Clicking Here.


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