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woman vapingI consider myself to be a traditionalist when it comes to using cannabis. The thought of vaping always stressed me out and the selection of devices, oils, and products, was overwhelming to me.

I found it helpful to have a knowledgeable friend who recommended a quality “spinner” battery and Kingpen half gram vape cartridge for my first time. Somehow having the selection process simplified was what I needed to warm up to the idea of vaping.

Vaping and Science

In a study by NORML and MAPS, smoke contains 111 chemical compounds. However, vapor contained only THC, CBD and three other trace compounds, that makes vaping a safer alternative to smoking.

A low temperature is used to heat the material in vaping instead of the open flame used in smoking. The vape user is able to experience all of the benefits without the drawbacks associated with combustion based smoking. One of these benefits is the higher percentage of cannabinoid/terpenoid content that vapor retains over it’s smoke counterpart. Again, the low heat preserves the integrity of the plant.

Take a Test Drive

First, try a disposable vape pen to see if vaping is even something that you want to pursue before investing in a more permanent solution. These all-in-one devices come in a variety of flavors and formulas. Once you’ve decided on taking your relationship with vaping to the next level, it’s time to find your rig.

This is where you’ll need to research and ask questions during your next trip to the dispensary. There you can seek guidance about the outcome you’re after with vaping and the products necessary to get you there. The product reviews on the web can be useful and asking friends what vape products they’ve gotten good results from and which ones to avoid can be really helpful in the beginning.

Informed Choice

The overwhelming selection of vape devices on the market makes the topic difficult to navigate, but the one feature that a vape consumer should consider important is battery life. The device you choose should be a low voltage battery that easily plugs into a USB and will hold a charge for days. It should have an adjustable temperature control that allows you to burn at low temperatures to avoid inhaling carcinogens.

Another part of the vaping lifestyle that’s important to get right is choosing quality oil. One thing to keep in mind is that it should look like honey, not too dark, not too liquid. Avoid dark oil that may include parts of the plant not intended for vaping. Likewise, oil that is too fluid in consistency may have additives that aren’t safe or healthy either.

Once your device is charged and the oil cartridge is attached, it’s time to enjoy the convenient, effective, functionality of the vaping lifestyle. As you experiment with the temperature control on your device you’ll notice that you can make your product last much longer than with smoking if you keep the temperature low.

Another benefit of vaping is the ability to control the odor associated with the activity. Since vapor disperses much quicker than smoke and doesn’t linger in clothing, vaping is a more discrete option overall.

Final thoughts

I’m not sure why I waited so long to try vaping, it was apparent after my first drag that I would be a fan. It involves no coughing and no cotton mouth which is vast improvement over smoking. I’m also enjoying the clean and tidy nature of vaping. The oil cartridge screws to the top of my battery and it’s ready to go. No grinding or preparing herb. No resin or dirty bong water to deal with. As far as cannabis use, vaping is a very civilized way to experience its full benefits.

The elements of vaping that I found overwhelming in the beginning, are now objects of curiosity in my mind. I look forward to trying the different oils, with their complex flavor profiles and proposed effects. 

Modern vaping technology offers an abundance of choice when it comes to product and hardware and it’s important to investigate the right set-up for your particular needs. This might take some experimentation, but once you find a vape that works for you, you’ll go from novice to vaping master in no time.