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I walk into a dispensary.
I am afraid because my sensory-
Just threw me into a nervous vortex.
I can feel it in my solar plexus. 
It is worse than when I hear a sexist
But, it’s Torrey Holistics, it’s the bestest. 
Legal as can be, fear still comes over me. 
What if they label me as an addict? 
What if the Feds see me take a fat hit?

…questioning status quo…

Yet, they are taking our diagnosis
And creating a monetary oasis.
The market for daily pharmaceuticals
Keeps us drugged but are these pills suitable
for long-term human consumption?
Dependency and potential for abuse is a function
of the chemical components.
The FDA pretends that they know this.
Schedule 1 (cannabis), too much fun.
Schedule 2 (cocaine), I guess it’s ok for you.
Is cocaine really more medicinal than cannabis?
I have had it with this!

…meanwhile at the dispensary…

I take a deep breath, 
It’s not like I am buying meth. 
I’ll take a quarter of Green Crack. 
Clinical studies have my back.
Help me. 
Federal discrimination towards this medicine can’t be
A reality
In 2017.