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Above, (l-r) Jeremiah Woodard of Livicated Farm and Chris Vaughn of Woodman Peak Farms.

Guest post by Flow Cannabis Co.

Flow Kana Farmer’s Reserve is top-shelf, sungrown flower with a full-bodied taste and feel that offers incredible depth in terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Meet Your Farmer’s Reserve Farmer, JEREMIAH WOODARD

“The most powerful and resourceful herb known to man reaches its highest potential under full sun.” – Jeremiah Woodard, Livicated Farm

Jeremiah Woodard is an herbalist, Rastafarian, and sungrown craft cannabis farmer whose plants have been known to grow as high as 15 feet. Dedicated to ‘livity,’ – the understanding that an energy or life force exists within and connects all living things – Woodard’s Livicated Farm is a true celebration of nature’s bounty; while his chief export is some of the Emerald Triangle’s frostiest and stickiest sungrown cannabis, his homestead also blooms comfrey, sunflowers, pomegranates, motherwort, grapes, plums, mullein and more.

Livicated Farm

Livicated Farm

My Farm:  is in Redwood Valley, which truly has the best terroir and microclimates for sungrown cannabis anywhere in the Emerald Triangle. We’re on the valley floor, nestled between two vineyards, and I’m one of the few farms in the region with a growing season that lasts well into November.

My Philosophy: is that we are all one, conferred by Jah (God). I farm sustainably and organically in harmony with Nature.  Nature is my guide, and she knows what she’s doing.

My Background:  started with indoor cultivation 15 years ago outside of D.C. where I grew up.  Indoor cultivation is about artificially manipulating the plant. Sungrown is about working in true partnership with Nature and letting it show you what it’s truly capable of.  The difference between sungrown and indoor is incomparable:  it’s like freshly squeezed orange juice and SUNNYD.

My Strains: are really frosty and sticky. I grow Banana Cake and Vital Grapes for Farmer’s Reserve. Bud structure is important to me. With the right environment, you can get a bud that looks like it was grown indoors but with a much more robust profile, rich in flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids.

My Recommendations: I really enjoy Banana Cake as a way to spend time in my garden and connect with the plants. Vital Grapes offers a higher energy experience and is one of my favorite companions for listening to reggae music.

Meet Your Farmer’s Reserve Farmer, CHRIS VAUGHN

“Some people dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer; I always dreamt of becoming a grower. As a teen, I used to look at High Times centerfolds as if they were Playboy. I wanted my buds to look like their buds. Eventually, my buds began to look even better, and I was like, ‘OK, I’m doing something right.’” – Chris Vaughn, Woodman Peak Farms

Chris Vaughn, a former high school biology teacher, was drawn to Mendocino County by the prospect of loosely regulated medical marijuana and perfect growing conditions. Burly, bushy-bearded, and identifiable as a Green Rush emigrant only by his Southern accent, he’s been growing cannabis for over 18 years.  He and his wife Casey Vaughn, came to California with dreams of joining California’s rich legacy and tradition of sungrown cannabis farming. Today, Chris and Casey grow world-class cannabis at their 6600 sq. foot Emerald Triangle family farm, Woodman Peak, overlooking the town of Laytonville.

Woodman Peak Farms

Woodman Peak Farms

My Farm:  is Woodman Peak, named after the summit our farm is on. It’s a hillside overlooking a beautiful pond built in the early 1900s with a seemingly never-ending horizon of trees. We’re far enough north here that we get nice long summer days, and in the fall they stay warm enough to produce nice flower through Thanksgiving. It’s been a dream come true for us to be able to steward a piece of land and cultivate cannabis in a way that respects the earth and livens the soul.  We farm organically and sustainably using rain catchments for water and solar energy to power everything.  For example, we use 1,200 watts of solar power to pump water up the hill to our farm.

My Philosophy:  I just want to grow the best f*****g weed in the world, and that dream brought me to the Emerald Triangle.  If you want to be the best chef, you go to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.  If you want to grow the best cannabis, you go to the Emerald Triangle.  We practice dry amendment farming. We test our soil so we know exactly what needs to go in it. My philosophy is that if you give the soil what it needs, the plants will take what they need to reach their fullest expression.

My Background: is plant science. 50-70% of the battle is the genetics. If you’ve got s****y genes, you can grow it the best it can be grown and you’ve still got crap weed. When you’re growing indoors – which is what I did back in Alabama – you have to play God, and to get a good quality product you have to do things like prune the lower leaves because they’re just eating up energy. I apply a lot of indoor principles to sungrown farming.

My Strains: are known for being crazy potent and some of the best-tasting weed. We grow Larry Cake and Grease Bucket for Farmer’s Reserve.

My Recommendations: I love Larry Cake on Saturday mornings for the up-and-at-’em energy it has to take me through a busy day. Grease Bucket is great for winding down in the evening. I enjoy using it while I’m cooking. It helps me focus and relax.

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