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Miss Grass – The Real Reasons Women are Choosing Weed

More women are choosing weed. We’re smoking j’s, taking edibles, and using lubes more than ever. To enhance sex. To manage period pain. To soothe menopause. To reconnect with ourselves. And to make the stresses of these current times a little easier. But we rarely hear a thing about this in dispensaries or almost anywhere else. Have you ever noticed that? But we can change that. First step: talking about it. So, in that spirit, we asked 500 women from all over the United States to share their reasons for choosing weed. Here’s what we learned

Miss Grass – A Mini Moment with… Jasmine Mans, Poet and Creator of Buy Weed from Women

We’re kinda obsessed with Jasmine Mans. Not only has the spoken word poet and performance artist opened shows for Janelle Monae and Mos Def, but her work has also been featured in commercials for brands like Ulta and in magazines like Elle. The book she released earlier this year, Black Girl, Call Home, was also heralded by the New York Times as a “must read” and made Oprah’s list of the Most Anticipated LGBTQ Books of the Year. But Jasmine is also the woman behind Buy Weed From Women—a project whose mission is to propel the work of women-owned cannabis businesses and nurture the female cannabis community. Obviously, we can get behind that. We caught up with the superstar connector and creative to find out more about BWFW and how she uses weed to unwind after getting all this incredible work done. Read more…

Miss Grass pre-rolls

Miss Grass – The Wake and Bake for the Grown Ass Woman

The speed of modern life whips by with little time for reflection. We feel the weight of the 24-hour news cycle, deadlines, maintaining healthy relationships, and family life. These anxieties pull aggressively at us, distracting us from a much needed moment of pause. But then there’s the wake and bake, the colloquial household handle to describe the act of smoking or consuming cannabis first thing in the morning. Here, our very own wake and bake rituals, designed especially for grown ass women. Read more…

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