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Can we come together to be better?
Can we smoke together through the weather? 
Crazy natural disasters
Have people looking for pastors…
Earth is a self-contained cell,
Which, right now is going through hell!
Democrat or Republican, 
JUST STOP! We are all human! 
We are talking about our planet,
Y’all act like it’s disposable. I have had it! 
So grab a light and let’s unite!
Just smoke a little
Until you can hear nature’s fiddle.
What are you going to do?
Recycle? ok, in what factory mill?
It takes lots of energy still!
Reuse? Sounds great! Let’s get creative,
But don’t ask me. Its easier to make it a landfill native. 
What if we use
But don’t abuse…
If we wisely use plastics
Sounds difficult but let your mind be elastic…
If we didn’t use that straw?
If we didn’t grab a lid? 
Just think next time you make your Keurig coffee, 
A French press does it with no waste and less of a monetary fee.