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Pain doesn’t know your skin color.
Insomnia doesn’t know your religion.
My mood doesn’t know I am a woman.
But please, people, come over and listen. 
We all suffer from something,
No one’s genetics are perfect,
Some people have their judgments
But relating over cannabis helps disseminate this.
This weed is a special medicine that unites.

Unites all of us into one room,
To talk about our medication.
One of us is full of hesitation, 
He has never been high! Good gracious! 
Stoner culture is there to help and make ya comfortable
No one asks why, we are just getting high.
Suddenly my diagnosis doesn’t matter,
My pain subsides
And I find a kind
Of comfort.
Who is one to say this cannabis subculture
Isn’t part of the healing process?
Support groups not sounding appealing but relating with thy fella stoner, I’ll be there swiftly.