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cannabis delivery best practicesCannabis delivery is legal statewide, so it becomes part of the larger overall service industry. It can implement similar customer service strategies and practices to ensure a quality user experience. Consumers can participate in this process by understanding what to expect from their cannabis delivery experience. In addition, they should communicate with dispensary staff when there are any discrepancies, as one would with any other consumer purchase.

Complete Cannabis Delivery in 5 Steps

Dispatchers confirm the order and the total

  • When an online or phone order is placed, the dispensary dispatcher should make contact with the customer to confirm the contents of the order and the total due at time of delivery.

Communicate arrival time

  • The dispensary dispatcher should communicate an arrival time and the driver should arrive at that scheduled time. The driver always presents themselves in a professional manner.

Make the experience unique somehow

  • The driver should find a creative and professional way to leave a positive impression. Torrey Holistics brings dog treats on deliveries in case they meet a furry friend.

Drivers confirm the order and the total

  • Upon delivery, the driver should open the customer’s bag with them. Together they review the contents, getting confirmation that the order is correct.

End of service delivery

  • Before leaving the driver should ask if there is anything else that they can do for the customer. This opens up the opportunity for the driver to win more business and to leave the delivery on a positive note.

Expect a Professional

In addition to the on-site delivery experience, many cannabis delivery services have additional safety guidelines posted on their website. These extra efforts help to maintain a consistent process and professional messaging for cannabis delivery services. It also helps form a relationship with the consumer based on known expectations. The driver expects to deliver to a verified customer in a safe, positive, environment and the customer expects the five cannabis best practice points above, and maybe a dog biscuit if they’re lucky.