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Cannabis Pairings that Go with Comic Con

Horror movies play on your phobias, paranoia, and nightmares. Subgenera options range from grotesque, overly-gruesome films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to creepy psychological thrillers like The Shining. When it comes to cannabis (like scary movies), there are a lot of options. When you combine cannabis with creepy movies, it is always good to know the best strains to match your scary movie preference. Continue reading to see the best cannabis pairings for scary movies…

No. Just No.

I mean it-NO!

Seriously, getting high and watching scary, bump-in-the-night, skin crawler movie is a bad idea.

Don’t do it.

Doctor’s orders.

You’re welcome.

Am I wrong? Am I right? Tell us about your favorite Scary movie + Cannabis Combo in the comments below!