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Gearing up for the ultimate nerd pop culture gathering of the year? San Diego Comic Con 50 preparations start at Torrey Holistics, located near the 805/5 freeway split. To help the visiting geek’s ganja shopping list, I have a Comic Con cannabis survival guide for the discerning Time Lord, Jedi, and Klingon who’s ready to kick back and soak in the San Diego sun.

  1. A Cannabis Oil Vaporizer

An innovative area of the cannabis recreational market is the vaporizer. When you are seeking ease, portability, and subtle functionality, you cannot go wrong with a preloaded vaporizer. If you are looking for the ultimate portable smoking experience on vacation, why not pick up a disposable vape? Disposable vapes come pre-charged and pre-loaded for a quick and easy, low-cost experience. There are a variety of options available; for example, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strain-specific, or low-THC, high-CBD calming vapes. Jedi Master-level consumer? Try a Heavy Hitters disposable vape. Sith Lords beware, Heavy Hitters disposable vape pens promise a potent experience (>80% THC). Younglings to cannabis should stick to the MOZEN or Sunday Goods disposable vapes that have less intense effects (~40% THC), lest they burn themselves on their lightsabers.

California natives can take their cannabis home after Comic Con, but if you are visiting from out of state, you cannot fly home with any cannabis products.

  1. PETRA Mints: Cannabis Infused Breath Mints

One of the best products to come out of California’s edible cannabis market are the Petra micro-dose THC breath mints. This edible should be on everyone’s Comic Con shopping list. Petra mints are a familiar cannabis product for the micro-doser. Kiva delivers remarkable consistency with the Petra mint, a subtle option to keep you calm and chill all day.

Kiva has recently released a new line of flavors; Saigon Cinnamon, Tart Cherry, Pineapple and Citrus 2.5mg CBD options round out the classic offerings of Moroccan Mint and Eucalyptus. Kiva’s sugar-free mints barely impart a cannabis flavor, so no skunk ganja breath. These subtle mints are great for sharing and easy to dose up if you want more throughout the day.

  1. Kiva Terra Bites & Camino Gummies

Everyone loves candy! And when it comes to tasty edibles like chocolate or gummies, Kiva is always a staple for any cannabis lover. Kiva now has four flavors of chocolate-covered Terra Bites; espresso bean, blueberry, sea salt caramel, and peppermint patty. The chocolate-covered edibles come in easy-to-dose 5mg THC individual pieces, so there is no confusion over how much is a single dose. These chocolates are great for a group of Comic Con friends who may have varying levels of cannabis experience. One piece (5mg THC) is great for the occasional cannabis consumer who is looking to feel good and stay functional as they explore the conference floor looking for freebies, collectables, and spectacular cosplay. Jedi Master cannabis consumer may take 2-3 for the perfect experience.

Don’t like chocolate (who are you, perhaps Rebel Scum?!)? Kiva has a new line of Camino Gummy edibles allowing you to choose the right edible experience. More of a sativa-loving Sith? Try Camino Pineapple Habanero gummies for energy-stimulating terpenes paired with pineapple and a touch of heat for the perfect daytime lift. If you are more of an indica-loving Hut with a longing for a week of gamer relaxation, try Wild Berry Camino gummies. They pair indica terpenes with wild blackberry and fresh raspberries for a laid-back, long-weekend vibe in San Diego.

Dosing Recommendations for Consumers New to Cannabis Edibles

Always start small! Seriously ALWAYS START SMALL! AND WAIT… Set a timer for two hours. Try a single Petra mint (2.5mg THC) if you are brand-new to cannabis. Chocolates and Gummies are lots of fun, but can be overwhelming if you have never eaten cannabis before. I recommend oral delivery with the Petra Mints or Camino Gummies. Hold the Petra Mint or Camino gummy in your mouth so the THC is absorbed through the sublingual vein under your tongue and blood vessels in your cheeks and gums. Cannabis mints and lozenges are easy for precise dosing, allowing you to feel the cannabis take effect within 30 minutes instead of two hours, had you chewed and swallowed a Camino gummy. When you eat cannabis, delivery can be erratic due to many factors; holding a Petra Mint or Camino gummy in your mouth is a faster and more reproducible way to introduce yourself to California cannabis without going too far. Lastly, always wait at least two hours before you decide to take more. Comic Con is a marathon of geek, you have the whole week to refine your perfect cannabis dose.

  1. A Pre-Rolled Joint

Alright, alright, alright; why not go old school with a traditional joint? To help you remember the good ol’ days of smoking pot and playing Mario Kart in your dorm room, why not pick up a pre-rolled cannabis joint or two to kick off Comic Con? Don’t forget a lighter!

  1. Cannabis Infused Topical for Muscle Relief

One thing is certain about Comic Con in Downtown San Diego. It is a cramped, crowded, sardined gathering of pop-culture fanatics, strollers, and cosplay props that will jostle, bump and twist your body into a möbius strip of sore muscles and stubbed toes. Cannabis topicals are unique in that they are non-intoxicating cannabis lotions, balms, and oils.Throw a balm from Made From Dirt or Dr. Raw into your shopping bag and your feet will thank you!

The cannabis in these balms is locally absorbed through the skin to relieve pain, soreness and inflammation. This is a great option if you are looking for the benefits of cannabis pain relief without the euphoric effect of other delivery methods. Generously apply this balm to your back, knees and feet that are aching from standing around all day being jostled about as you wander the convention floor or sit in line for Hall H.


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