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Guest post by Flow Cannabis Co.

Since 2015, Flow Kana has been working to support not only the legacy farmers of Northern California, but the communities we inhabit and the cultivation practices that feed the earth.

They have honored those commitments through the development and implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility program, centered around the following values:

Commitment to sustainable business and living practices

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the planet. Flow Kana commits to business practices that result in a minimal environmental impact and to consistently audit ourselves to maintain this commitment. Flow Kana also encourages sustainable practices among our employees and works to support this effort at an organizational level.

Examples of current programs:

  • Purchase of the Solar Living Center which is a world renowned alternative energy showcase and education center. The Solar Living Center houses the Solar Living Institute which provides education to the public on sustainable living practices.
  • SLC has 13 acres of food forest, pollinator pathway as well as pristine ecological habitat for a wide variety of native plants and animals.
  • SLC also includes a large solar array and windmill that offset 100% of the energy used onsite.
  • There are an array of eco-structures made from innovative materials such as hempcrete, haybale, cobb and reclaimed materials reduce the embodied carbon of our buildings while significantly reducing the energy needed to operate them.
  • The site includes four power pedal bikes that generate power to offset energy use and educate the public on energy consumption and fossil free electricity.
  • At our Flagship Campus, the Flow Cannabis Institute, has a robust compost & recycling program.
  • We built our new spaces at FCI with purple pipe plumbing to utilize recycled water where possible.
  • We focus on water conservation through low flow and waterless toilets at the Flow Cannabis Institute and Solar Living Center.
  • We measure carbon content of our property soil to improve carbon sequestration practices that reduce atmospheric carbon and improve the biology of the land.
  • For the last four years the Flow Cannabis Co. employees have led a Highway cleanup through the Adopt-A-Highway program.

Flow Kana is committed to supporting regenerative agriculture

Flow Kana is committed to supporting regenerative agriculture

Commitment to regenerative agriculture and local food systems

Industrialized agriculture has caused harm to the planet and has moved communities away from local food production. Flow Kana commits to supporting the regenerative agriculture movement and to facilitate the use of local food systems as a way to lift up family owned sustainable farms.

Example of current programs:

For the past three years Flow Kana has had a CSA program which purchases produce from the MendoLake FoodHub and provides regular produce for free to Flow Kana employees. All of the produce is sourced from small farms in Mendocino County.

Commitment to hyper-local giving and the support of vital community services

Many of Flow Kana’s operations exist in rural areas that are vulnerable to the loss of vital community services due to lack of funding, geographic and technological barriers and extreme weather threats. Flow Kana is committed to supporting vital community services in the areas where we are active, focusing on rural areas.

Examples of current programs:

Involvement in economic development in rural northern California. Flow Kana sits on the board/steering committee of local organizations focused on vital services and sustainability. Flow Kana provides financial support to many local non-profits, as well as organizations that support food stability, animal services, fire safety, public health services and education, including Redwood Valley Grange, The Good Farm Fund and The Fire Safe Council of Mendocino County.

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