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Guest post by Kirstie P. of Higher Edibles

Brought to you as part of Torrey Holistics’s month-long celebration of earth month.

Kirstie and “Mama Donna” sharing a joint in the mountains of Santa Cruz, where they live and operate Higher.

Kirstie and “Mama Donna” sharing a joint in the mountains of Santa Cruz, where they live and operate Higher.

Higher Edibles is a small (today, at least!), women and family-owned/operated edibles company based in sunny Santa Cruz, California. Torrey Holistics is proud to carry their line of delicious, gluten-free, vegan Canna-Corn Nuts to consumers as a healthy edible option free from overly-processed sugars and flours. In addition, the masterminds behind this Mother/Daughter/Auntie-run company all live on the same commune in the Santa Cruz Mountains—talk about sustainability!Like a flower in the springtime, Higher seeded their journey as a company with the belief that enacting sustainable practices by way of supporting local businesses allows the community around them to blossom and thrive. By using sustainably-sourced ingredients from local California vendors to create their delicious, savory edibles, they help California businesses stay profitable, providing jobs for those in the community in turn. From the baking flour and spices to the corn kernels they use, every ingredient is sourced right here in California. What is so important about staying local, you might ask? Supporting local vendors reduces greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the amount of transportation needed to ship ingredients from far away places. It also helps fuel money back into our own local economies, resulting in better schools, public transport, emergency response services, and more. Sign us up!

Higher Edibles Chile Limon Canna-Corn Kernels

Higher Edibles Chile Limon Canna-Corn Kernels

Higher Edibles operates out of a shared manufacturing facility—one of the few that exist in California. Their shared kitchen employs its own set of sustainable best practices and is truly a community of local cannabis companies coming together to help each other survive and thrive. From using reusable wipes during kitchen shifts to sharing equipment and collaborating across teams to minimize waste, Higher has a built-in support team to help them achieve their goals and stay efficient.

While there is a lot of “green” involved in the cannabis industry (wink wink), sustainable standards and best practices are still a few steps behind in being able to consider it truly environmentally-friendly. There are many difficulties and setbacks facing cannabis companies that want to minimize their environmental footprints, such as packaging requirements (resource-intensive child-resistant and tamper-proof packaging, for instance), energy-intensive growing practices (especially for indoor grows), and the requirement that lab results be printed on each item in every order delivered around the state, to name a few. Yet despite these setbacks, many companies are working towards the creation of a higher standard when it comes to sustainability. Higher’s distribution partner, Mammoth Distribution, is proud to be a carbon-neutral company, meaning they have a net-zero carbon footprint. Higher is honored to work with a distributor that is truly passionate about the industry and is striving to create new standards that will help us all level up.

Higher is passionate about keeping it real (the ingredients, of course!) and keeping it local. The next time you visit Torrey Holistics, ask your cannabis consultant which Higher products are currently in stock or visit their menu online.

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