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Torrey Holistics
Got us feeling like optimistics…
Optimism isn’t intrinsic,
Mystically indeed
Is how this weed
Helps me relieve
This pain…
Which won’t refrain;
This monotony
Has gotten-to-me
I need an expert in botany, 
Because this herb
Can curb cancer!!
Because this flower
Can power
Our mental evolution. 
I doubt you have a better solution…
Because when Chaos ensues,
It proves
To make me “abuse”
That plant with the green hues.
It’s called medicine
Not a contemporary sin
Not a recreational gin
I use it before the gym
I will even say it in a hymn…. 
Here we go….
I need
As an OTC (over-the-counter)
To succeed
Medicine that I enjoy, 
A subculture of acceptance and joy.