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Brought to you as part of Torrey Holistics’s month-long educational series on cannabis and sustainability.

Torrey Herb Co. Sungrown was built off of the push to contribute to our earth in an eco-conscious way. The reality is that sungrown cannabis is mutually beneficial for both our mother earth and its consumers . With sungrown practices at the center, we can find its link to the wellness of our bodies, the honoring of small farmers, and the replenishing of our environment. Torrey Holistics takes deep pride in carrying the largest retail selection of sustainably crafted and sungrown products. We have joined forces with EVIDENCE, making this new line of Torrey Herb Co. Sungrown especially important. 

Earth Day will be a month-long celebration at Torrey Holistics. Aside from partnering with campaigns such as the Sun + Earth and Weed Like Change, we will be hosting our own Sungrown campaign. Sustainably practicing brands and the farmers that we love will be highlighted for their work in our industry and their contribution to the world. 

Farmer Gratitude

Partnering with EVIDENCE was most fitting for a line of flower geared towards promoting change. The company’s ethos and dedication to social equity within the cannabis world, falls hand in hand with Torrey’s efforts towards ecological justice. 

The same fight happens everyday at the farm level, through small and organic farming. Supporting legacy farmers is also an integral piece of sungrown sustainability. California cannabis farms are home to a large number of expert breeders and growers. Not only is their agricultural understanding deep rooted but they also carry expertise for the nuances of the plant itself that allow for it to flourish. Strain diversity is one key element of cannabis harvesting that is dependent on organic cultivation practices. Many of these farms played a key role in the passing of Prop 64, so to overlook their role in every aspect of our industry, would be erasing a huge piece of cannabis history. 

The Cultivation 

We know of the sun to be an energy source for the human body, with regular sun exposure necessary on a biochemical level to allow for healthy brain function. It is through that cause and effect, that we are able to consciously maneuver throughout our days. The same can be said for plants; cannabis especially. If you can reach far enough into your memory to the basics of elementary school science, you will recall that the sun is necessary for plant photosynthesis. Direct sun rays and specific wavelengths allow for the cannabis plant to fully express flavonoids, cannabinoids and terpenes, that then influence the experience of consumption. Garcia Hand Picked sungrown flower strain Super Lemon Haze is exclusively known for its lemony and sweet tart taste. Pink Boost Goddess of Emerald Spirit Botanicals is also a powerfully aromatic flower that produces visual enhancements due to the unique component THCV. The standout element of smoking sungrown cannabis is its lush flavor palette which can be specific to the environment and climate of its cultivation (think piney hints). This special quality brought on from the plant’s relationship to the sun, unfortunately cannot be replicated through the use of artificial lighting. A technique typical of indoor flower growth. 

Sungrown farming does not exist without its association to sustainable and regenerative farming techniques. By definition regenerative practices symbolizes the renewal, and restoration of what was once lost. When considering the massive amounts of pollutants indoor flower can release into our ecosystem, regenerative cultivation practices work to reverse that damage by eliminating the use of energy from lighting, temperature control and excessive water use. By relying on the natural rise and fall of the sun, there is less greenhouse gas emissions released into our ecosystem. This harmful occurrence is most common in regions of the US where the natural climate is not ideal for outdoor cannabis growth. 

The organic nature of sungrown flower cultivation equals to the less required use of pesticide and other potentially harmful chemicals for the environment and the human body. 

Through specific harvesting techniques, the sun is the main energy source and the soil allows for an abundance of nutrient absorption. Phytoremediation is known as the process in which the roots of a plant grow deep into the soil and soak up any harmful pollutants. This process alone of organically cultivated cannabis can restore an environment of any foreign toxins.  

Emerald Spirit Botanicals is just one farm of many that is bringing innovation to the way cannabis is harvested. Instead of utilizing propane and other chemicals to heat their greenhouses it is replaced by the natural process of broken down compost and natural heat. One of their cultivation techniques intersperses cannabis with vegetable crops, acting as an organic form of pesticides and simultaneously providing food for their community. 

Each farm has their own unique tactics when concerning sungrown flower but are all unified by their shared mission towards sustainability and crafting products that’ll heal our mother earth. 

Sun As Life 

The most standout element of sungrown farming is the natural connection between land and farmer. Each farm is able to integrate with the land and develop a relationship that requires a deep understanding of that region. For this reason it is crucial that the plant is grown with love, intention and vitality, as it acts as a vehicle to anyone who consumes it. Tina Gordon of Moon Made Farms, claims this careful and intentional practice  was the lifeforce that taught her to allow nature to run its course in her own life. Support for regenerative and organic farming is one’s own submission to the alignment and natural rhythm of our earth. 

Happy Earth Month from Torrey Holistics!

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