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Someone I love is going through cancer? What can I do?

Oh my god, someone I love is going through cancer? WTF do I do now?! You are now going to follow along on a painful journey. And the worst part? You don’t get to participate… only watch. You cannot take their place. You cannot go though treatment in their place. All you can do is be there.

In this post, I am going to offer some practical advice for people who want to do something for a loved one going through cancer. You know your friend better then I do, so some of these ideas may not apply to your relationship. These are just things that my friends and family did for me that were extremely helpful and were outside the usual “bring a lasagna” Seriously, don’t bring a lasagna. Everyone always bring lasagna in a crisis. Bring funyons instead! Or better yet; marijuana!

Give Them a Book

Cancer treatments take a lot of time. You end up sitting around a lot of doctor’s offices waiting to be seen. So send them a good book!

Comfortable New PJs and Slippers

Easy to wear and super comfy! Get natural fiber (like cotton or bamboo) that is machine washable and has pockets. Pockets are key!

A New Hobby Idea

Does your friend like art? Try an adult coloring book. There are so many options available, find one that matches their personality they would enjoy. Don’t forget a pack of markers or colored pencils.

Your Old Hats/Scarfs

When I was going through cancer, my friends dug around their closet and presented me with a basket of scarfs to wrap my balding dome. I ended up with a colorful library of scarfs and fun hats for any occasion.

Really Nice Lotion

How about some Appothhecanna cannabis lotion or oils? Really great for the aches and pains that accompany cancer treatments.


You can never going wrong with good ol’ Mary Jane! How about some THC micro dose breath mints? 2.5 mg of THC per breath mint. Great for helping your tummy settle down after a wave of chemo induced nausea.

A Subscription to Netflix or Hulu: or How About Your Password?

Sometimes you just want to curl up and ignore the world, so why not share your streaming account password or buy them a gift subscription to a streaming service?

Send Them Dinner

I had a family member from the east coast call my favorite Thai restaurant and pay for delivery of my favorite dinner. It was so thoughtful I have since done this to other friends who have been having a hard time.

A Maid

Ok, you don’t have to pay for a maid service. You can just come over and help with the cleaning to keep germs away and keep their home environment sanitary.

A Postcard

Just send them a note! Can’t think of what to say? Send them a joke. It can be the corniest, eye-rolling, groan-inducing joke you find on the internet. No matter how bad the pun, it will let them know you are thinking of them and may just maybe make them smile!


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