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Medical Marijuana Products to Use for Chemo Induced Vomiting

Cannabis helped me get my life back during chemotherapy. It can be difficult to describe what medical marijuana feels like when you are sick; it is not the same sensation of getting recreationally stoned. Medical pot gave me a calming relief and helped me face the anxiety of my cancer treatment without having to ask for more prescription drugs from my oncologist. And after a chemo infusion, it was one of the only medications that helped me stop vomiting. In a previous post, I described the stages of Chemo induced vomiting and more importantly WHEN to smoke. Do not hesitate if something feels amiss. Now, the next step is finding the right medical marijuana for you to try.

medical marijuana relief

When I was going through Chemo, I had a small medical marijuana kit that I stored in the bathroom drawer. In that kit I had,

1.     1:1 CBD/THC Pen & Cartridge

2.     Medical Marijuana Breath Mints

3.     CBD Infused Bottled Water

4.     Fidget Cube/Distraction Device

Use a Vape Pen for Fast Relief

The quickest acting antiemetic (stop barfing drugs) is the vape pen or marijuana flower. Within a minute, the medicine will kick in and help you stop vomiting. My preference was a vape pen. Easy to use and less hassle than taking out your flower, grinding and rolling into a joint. And since you are already not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is bust out your stash and attempt to roll a joint while staring at the porcelain god waiting for his sacrifice.

After tossing your cookies, I liked to suck on a Kiva microdose breath mint. This allowed me to clean the taste from my mouth with a microdose of marijuana that gets absorbed through the sublingual vein under your tongue. And since each breath mint has 2.5 mg of medicine, this small dose allowed me to ease into the right dose for my nausea level without getting too stoned.

As you slowly get control of your nausea, it’s a good idea to start to hydrate. So I would take sips of CBD infused water as you slowly contemplate leaving your new tiled apartment and re-enter the world.

Throughout this whole process, it’s easy to fall into an anxiety attack. Sitting on the cold tile with your head on the rim of the bowl you begin to think you are going to hurl until you reach the Lunchables your mom packed for you in third grade. As you begin to catch your breath and let your marijuana kick in, I recommend pulling out the last item in my Chemo Kit; the fidget cube. There are tons of fidget toys out on the market, so find one that “grabs” you. The most important thing about the fidget cube is that it distracts you from staring at the porcelain throne and starting the whole “I’m gonna puke!” process all over again. Scoot away from the toilet, sit back against the wall and twiddle your thumbs on the distraction toy. This sucks, but it will pass and medical marijuana can help you as it helped me. So come on down to Torrey Holistics, San Diego’s finest legal dispensary and get some medical marijuana to help you feel better today!