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If you tend to hang out with the cannabis-loving crowd, no doubt you have heard them say that their bud has a great terpene profile. But seriously, WTF is a terpene profile and why should you care?

Terpene Profiles and Our Sense of Smell

Terpenes are large class of organic compounds made by plants and insects that provide a particular odor. These terpenes help protect a plant from predators and attract animals that aid in reproduction, such as bees. Still too much science? Stop to smell the roses and enjoy the wonderful terpene profile!

When it comes to cannabis, terpenes offer more then just a delightful aroma in the pot shop. Terpenes are the primary component of essential oils and can have extremely useful medicinal applications. Ginger oil is great for nausea, turmeric oil is used for its anti-inflammatory properties, orange oil is great for heartburn, and so on. The list of therapeutic benefits is long for essential oils.

Now, you may be thinking, ESSENTIAL OILS?! THAT’S HIPPY-DIPPY NONSENSE! While it is true that some essential oil brands make wildly exaggerated claims about the effects of their “proprietary terpene blends,” these aromatic compounds are not just for smelling nice—they are biosynthetic building blocks necessary for every living creature. Vitamin A, for example, is a terpenoid, and without vitamin A you can go blind.

Medicinal Benefits Uncovered

Ultimately, a cannabis terpene profile not only gives a strain its distinctive aroma; it also produces unique medicinal benefits. For example, α-Pinene is a well-studied terpene found throughout nature in flora such as pine trees, the hops used for brewing beer, and many strains of cannabis. α-Pinene is a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory terpene. Still too much science? It helps you breathe and reduces pain.

What strains have α-Pinene, you might ask? Follow your nose! Does your bud smell like Christmas? α-Pinene! For the less discriminating stoner-nose, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, and OG Kush are known to be rich in α-Pinene. For extra guidance, stop by Torrey Holistics and let us help you find the right terpene profile for your needs.


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